Welcome to my website

I’m Khaled (pronounced خالد). I like to solve hard problems, whether programming, mathematics, overly complex cooking, unreasonably hard video games, or teaching myself to touch type in a new layout. I write about that process of going from having no clue what I’m doing to being competant. Sometimes, I even get good at stuff.

What’s here

  • Blog: New writings and ideas
  • Projects: Ongoing stuff I’m working on and iterating on
  • Archive: Old writings and ideas
  • Daybook: Scratch notes that aren’t yet associated with a project

I used to write with the justification that sharing my stories, experiences, and opinions might be helpful to other people. In retrospect, that seems really presumptous. But writing and publishing my ideas did help me clarify them, so now that’s why I write.

Regarding my older writings and opinions: I am in the process of removing a lot of the old posts that I now find offensive, irrelevant, or unfounded. People can change, and people can change their minds. Maybe I’ll write a post on that one day.


I do write code, and I’m fairly proud of what I’ve accomplished as a self-taught programmer, by which I mean I only took two classes of Computer Science, did most of freecodecamp.org’s program, and bothered my programmer friends a lot. I also just got my hands dirty with projects.

Learing, Self-Education, & Teaching

One of my favorite topics is how people learn, so I write about how to learn things. Not just the actual skill of learning and specific techniques for the fields I know, but the emotional management needed to get learning to work.

Have fun!