About Warrior Spirit

In Buddhism, the Spiritual Warrior is one who combats the only true enemy: self-ignorance. He or she seeks enlightenment not to escape the suffering of this world, but rather to be of service to others, to alleviate their suffering, to show them the way, and only once all beings have been inspired thus does the warrior move on.

That is the core of Warrior Spirit: achieving excellence for the sake of helping others. This encompasses all areas of life: physical, mental, professional, emotional, social, spiritual, and material.

To master oneself requires knowledge of how to take care of one’s own body (health, fitness, nutrition, martial arts, movement), how to sharpen one’s mind (psychology, skill development, lifehacking), how to help and understand others (social dynamics, human behavior, compassion), how to achieve success in this particular world (career development, personal finance, wealth creation), and all other aspects of life.

In coaching and on the blog, I boil it down to three core practices:

  1. Developing a powerful presence
  2. Overcoming fears and living courageously
  3. Inspiring others

Cultural references can be found in Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Chogyam Trungpa’s Shambhala: The Spiritual Path of the Warrior.