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For the last three weeks, I’ve been learning how to type all over again, since I transitioned to to a new keyboard layout. Which is why there haven’t been any blog posts, since writing one would have taken me approximately ten years. I’m still getting back to where I was, but I’m finally at the… Keep reading


Last weekend, I played a game of chess in which I managed to get two queens on the board. I thought I had the game in the bag at that point, so of course I didn’t notice that my opponent was one move away from checkmate. As soon as his king got space for a… Keep reading


My girlfriend creates large, complex mandalas, which are impossible to draw freehand. Because of their complexity, they require a lot of planning. She can spend days just drawing guides, measuring angles, and sketching in fills to make sure everything will fit. At first, I thought this was very unartistic, as if the act of planning… Keep reading

Watching the football game

Teaching (or any kind of leadership) is one of the most exhausting jobs you can do, but every good teacher will tell you, the real work is done by the student. Even if you’re not officially a teacher, tutor, leader, coach or therapist, you probably want to help those you care about grow. But there’s… Keep reading


The best and worst thing about being human is that you get to be great and imperfect at the same time. I love martial arts, movement, fitness, everything to do with athleticism, but very early in my martial arts career, I tore my right pelvic labrum, the ligaments that hold my leg in place. It’s… Keep reading


I’ve always had trouble reading chick-lit (probably because I called it that). Jane Austen, while not entirely chick-lit, fell into the box I’d created. She was entertaining, but not really substantial. Until I discovered what she’s really about. A friend lent me a book called Jane Austen: Game Theorist, in which the author argues that… Keep reading


“I want.” When was the last time you said those words in such a direct way? I thought it sounded childish just typing it, the mantra of a two year old child. When I visited my aunt in Jordan, I couldn’t figure out how to say, “May I please have the X?” in Arabic. She… Keep reading


Relationships take work, and sometimes, tensions aren’t dealt with, leading to a classic white elephant situation, or a more serious distance. When this happens to a relationship, it sucks: you don’t know whether to bring up the issue or just hope it blows over. Sometimes, you wonder if it’s just you and the other person… Keep reading


As a tutor, I sometimes get the chance to work with really bright, motivated students. You’d think they would be the easiest to teach, but sometimes they’re actually the most frustrating. On the other hand, I sometimes get kids whose scores showed that they really struggle with a lot of the material. I used to… Keep reading


Wanna hear an embarrassing story? My first high school girlfriend engineered an entire evening to get me alone at her place to make out, but I was so inexperienced and shy, I bolted: “Huh, everyone else went home, I guess I should probably head out then, g’night!” She legitimately pointed out that she just wanted… Keep reading


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