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Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten around to? Why not? What keeps you from learning a particular skill? After I graduated college, I realized (through a series of painful misadventures) that I was really unskilled when it came to women and relationships. I had met and dated great women, but… Keep reading


I didn’t really mind getting punched in the face. What bothered me was that it happened so often, like I was inviting it! No matter how hard I tried, my sparring partner always managed to find my face. In fact, even when he was backpedaling, his random flailing always seemed to land. Eventually, he hit… Keep reading


Remember dying of dysentery on Oregon Trail, that game that was supposed to teach you about the history of the pioneers who opened up the frontier? How much besides that do you remember about it? If you ask most people, they mainly remember dying of diseases, losing gear trying to cross rivers, and that it… Keep reading


Avoid injury at all costs! This is a wise mantra to adopt for any kind of physical training, but it is also good practice for business (don’t lose money) and relationships (always fight fair). The reason is that there are some mistakes that cause so much damage they make it impossible to keep growing, training,… Keep reading


In weightlifting, we always remind people not to let their ego get in the way of training. A lot of people come to training with a mindset of competing with the barbell. This is a bad idea. The barbell has no ego, no mind, no concern for “winning” or “losing.” It’s just heavy. It simply… Keep reading


A band of alien misfits sits in a circle, about to enter the biggest battle of their lives, which they expect to be a suicide mission. And they are at each others’ throats. This is the pep talk scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, just before Star Lord, the unofficial leader, steps up and inspires… Keep reading


Children give you a lot of perspective on life. They are impossible to keep in order, except when you do seemingly trivial and silly things. They seem very rude and uncouth most of the time, but the best way to get them to do what you want is simply to ask nicely. They remind you… Keep reading


It would be nice if simply reading about something, or even reading how to do it, could make us learn it. But the reality is that actually learning a skill or concept well enough to apply it is very difficult. As kids, we tend to learn really fast. I’ve worked with kids from kindergarten all the way… Keep reading

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